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Quebec, a snowmobiler's paradise!



This activity is from Chalets-Village's country homes.


Snowmobiling around Mt Ste-Anne  

Do you wish to speed through miles and miles of snow, glide over frozen lakes, explore the immense boreal forest or travel to wonderful places that cannot be reached by car? If so, snowmobiling in Quebec is for you! The two to four metres (6.5 to 13 ft.) of snow that fall each year, the 33 650 km (20,900 mi.) of trails and the possibility of travelling for days and days while being practically alone with nature make Quebec the most popular destination in the world for snowmobiling.




Snowmobiling is practiced in almost every region of Québec. Along the marked trails, snowmobilers can find everything they need: fuel, repairs and rentals, heated shelters, lodging and restaurants. Maps of the snowmobile networks are distributed by the various regional tourism associations. For more information on the cost of access passes and on insurance, check out:


Federation of Snowmobile Clubs' Web site.

Sapin d'or, Mont-Sainte-Anne's snowmobile association

One-of-a-kind Snowmobiling Destination!

Over 4000 km (2400 miles) of marked trails, some of which receive an annual snowfall of over 7 m (21 feet)! The stunning landscape is an enchanting tapestry into which are interwoven the magic of the snowy winter season and the spellbinding majesty of the St. Lawrence River, Saguenay Fjord and Lake Saint-Jean.

Once you have finished snowmobiling for the day, you can choose from among a number of activities we have to offer: savour a gourmet meal, experience the Quebec City nightlife or try your luck at the Charlevoix Casino. There is also much fun to be had during the Quebec City Winter Carnival or Chicoutimi's Carnaval-Souvenir.

The breathtaking beauty of mysterious Monts-Valin, the fascinating history of Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the stunning scenery of Charlevoix, where the mountains seem to meet the sea, are all part of an international tourist destination whose countless wintry charms will enthral you.

For more details on snowmobile rentals, please check www.aventure-laurentienne.com or call 418-760-8565


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